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Research Projects and Exchange Programmes

The research group participates in the following projects:

DFG Research Project 2019-2022 (S. Schreieder)

Project: "Topological properties of algebraic varieties"

This project studeis topological properties of algebraic varieties. Topics include:

  • applications of birational geometry and in particular of the birational classification theory to topological questions
  • classification of Kähler manifolds with holomorphic one-forms without zeros
  • construction problem for Hodge numbers

DFG Research Project 2016-2020 (K. Hulek)

Project: "Compactifications of moduli spaces of polarized K3 surfaces and IHSM"

Topics of this project are:

  • the geometry of toroidal compactifications of polarized K3 surfaces and IHSM
  • admissible fans for toroidal compactifications of orthogonal modular varieties
  • modular compactifications


DFG Research Project 2017-2023 (W. Ebeling)

Project "Orbifold concepts in equivariant singularity theory"

The main objectives of the project are the development of orbifold analogues of classical concepts of singularity theory in the presence of a finite group action on the variety and the investigation of orbifold type invariants.