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Research Projects and Exchange Programmes

The research group participates in the following projects:

Compactifications of moduli spaces of polarized K3 surfaces and IHSM (DFG Project)

Topics of this project are:

  • the geometry of toroidal compactifications of polarized K3 surfaces and IHSM
  • admissible fans for toroidal compactifications of orthogonal modular varieties
  • modular compactifications


DFG - Project "Order zeta functions of number rings and resolution of singularities"

(A. Frühbis-Krüger, joint with Christopher Voll (Bielefeld))
The project aims at the study of fundamental arithmetic and analytic invariants of arithmetically motivated zeta functions such as order zeta functions of number rings. The latter are Dirichlet-type generating series enumerating order (subrings with one) of rings of integers in algebraic number fields.In contrast to the classical theory of the related Dedekind zeta function, the fundamental analytic invariants of these functions -- such as their abscissae of convergence, pole orders, special values etc -- are largely unknown

DFG Research Project

Project "Orbifold concepts in equivariant singularity theory" (W. Ebeling):

The main objectives of the project are the development of orbifold analogues of classical concepts of singularity theory in the presence of a finite group action on the variety and the investigation of orbifold type invariants.