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Abstract Schaffler

The KSBA compactification of the moduli space of $D_{1,6}$-polarized Enriques surfaces

In this talk we describe the moduli compactification by stable pairs (also known as KSBA compactification) of a 4-dimensional family of Enriques surfaces, which arise as the $\mathbb{Z}_2^2$-covers of the blow up of $\mathbb{P}^2$ at three general points branched along a configuration of three pairs of lines. The chosen divisor is an appropriate multiple of the ramification locus. Using the theory of stable toric pairs we are able to study the degenerations parametrized by the boundary and its stratification. We relate this compactification to the Baily-Borel compactification of the same family of Enriques surfaces. Part of the boundary of this stable pairs compactification has a toroidal behavior, another part is isomorphic to the Baily-Borel compactification, and what remains is a mixture of these two.