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Some matrix factorizations of discriminants of reflection groups

Let G be a finite group in GL(n,C) generated by reflections. 

Then G acts on the vectorspace V=C^n, as well as on the polynomial ring in n variables S=Sym_C(V). It is well-known that the reflection arrangement in V and the discriminant D of G in the quotient V/G both have singular locus of codimension 1 and are so-called free divisors. 

Matrix factorizations first appeared in work of D. Eisenbud and are a simple way to describe maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over hypersurface singularities.

In this talk I will present certain matrix factorizations (and hence maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules) that arise from our construction of a noncommutative resolution of singularities of the discriminant D as a quotient of the twisted group ring S*G. In particular, we can interprete the modules of logarithmic derivations and modules of logarithic residues in terms of certain irreducible representations of G.  This is joint work with R.-O. Buchweitz and C. Ingalls.