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Former Projects

  • NTH-Bottom Up Project - Experimental Methods in Computational Algebra
  • DFG Research project - Geometry of Moduli Spaces
  • DAAD project (VIGONI) - Geometric and Arithmetic Properties of Calabi-Yau Varieties (with Università degli studi di Milano)
  • INTAS - Singularities, Bifurcations and Monodromy
    [Homepage of the project]
  • DFG: Funding of the Research Stay of Prof. Dr. S. M. Gusein-Zade (April/May 2008)
  • DFG Research Programme "Global Methods in complex geometry" (SPP 1094)
    [Homepage of the project]
  • EAGER - European Algebraic Geometry Research Network (EU-Projekt HPRN-CT-2000-00099)
  • DAAD Exchange programme with Bath University, UK (ARC Programme 313)
    [cf. homepage of the DAAD]
  • INTAS - Singularity Theory and Bifurcations