Sommersemester 2003

10. AprilL. Fuentes-GarcíaCanonical Geometrically Ruled Surfaces (Beginn 16:30)
17. AprilH.-Ch. v. BothmerGeometric Syzygies of Elliptic Normal Curves and their secant varieties
25. AprilM. SchüttDie Modularität einiger Calabi-Yau Varietäten
8. MaiX. Gómez-MontIndices of Vector Fields on Isolated Singular Varieties
15. MaiO. KlehnOn Real and Complex GSV Indices
23. MaiA. SartiPolyhedral groups and pencils of K3-surfaces with maximal Picard number
5. JuniT. Suwa
(Hokkaido University, Sapporo)
Localization of characteristic classes and applications
20. JuniJ. Seade
(UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mexico)
Indices of vector fields and Chern classes for singular varieties (Beginn 14:00)
26. JuniJ. Schürmann
(Universität Münster)
Milnor classes and vanishing cycles
3. JuliT. EcklGeradenbündel auf komplexen Tori und die Kodaira-Vermutung
17. JuliS.M. Gusein-Zade
(Staatl. Univ. Moskau)
Poincare series of filtrations and integrals with respect to the Euler characteristic