Wintersemester 2017/2018




12. Oktober, 14:15-15:15*Mateusz Michalek (MPI Leipzig)From topology to algebraic geometry and back again (Abstract)
19. OktoberFabian Reede (Hannover)

Torelli type theorems for moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves (Abstract)

26. OktoberLuca Giovenzana (Chemnitz)

Toroidal compactifications of the moduli space of polarised K3 surfaces (Abstract)

1. November (16:30-17:30, b302)Chris Peters (Eindhoven)

On the moduli space of nodal Enriques surfaces (Abstract)

9. NovemberBruno Klingler (HU Berlin)

Hodge theory and atypical intersections (Abstract)

23. NovemberIsabel Stenger (Kaiserslautern)

Constructing torsion-free numerical Godeaux surfaces (Abstract)

30. November

Slawomir Cynk (Krakow)

Orphan double octics (Abstract)

7. Dezember 12:00-13:00*Atsushi Takahashi (Osaka)

On orbifold Jacobian algebras for invertible polynomials (Abstract)

7. DezemberHülya Argüz (Imperial College London)

Real Lagrangians in toric degenerations (Abstract)

14. DezemberTobias Heckel27 lines on singular cubic surfaces (Abstract)
21. Dezember

Carsten Liese (Hannover)

The Morifan of the Dolgachev-Nikulin-Voisin family of degree 2 (Abstract)

5. Januar, 11:00-11:45*Andrea Fanelli (Düsseldorf)

Del Pezzo fibrations in positive characteristic (Abstract)

5. Januar, 13:30-14:15*Diletta Martinelli (Edinburg)

On the number and boundedness of minimal models of a variety of general type (Abstract)

11. Januar, 12:00-12:45*Ignacio Barros (HU Berlin)

Geometry of the moduli of n-pointed K3 surfaces of genus 11 (Abstract)

11. JanuarMatthew Dawes (Riemann)

Kodaira dimension of the moduli of deformation generalised Kummer varieties (Abstract)

18. JanuarCarolin Peternell (Hannover)

Birational geometry of the moduli space of rational curves of degree 4 (Abstract)

1. FebruarAnn-Kathrin Stegmann (Hannover)Classification of isolated ADE singularities on cubic fourfolds (Abstract)
23. Februar, 14:00-14:45*Yonghwa Cho (Bayreuth)

Exceptional bundles and Q-Gorenstein degeneration of surfaces (Abstract)

15. März, 14:15-15:15*

Mohammad Reza Rahmati (Riemann)

Some numerical properties of variation of Hodge structures (Abstract)