Abstract Onorati

Monodromy operators on IHS manifolds of OG10-type

Aim of this talk is to present the construction of new monodromy operators on irreducible holomorphic symplectic (IHS) manifolds of OG10-type. I will spend the first part of the talk by recalling the definitions of IHS manifolds and monodromy operators, especially focusing on the motivations. After that I will introduce the two main examples of IHS manifolds of OG10-type, namely the O'Grady family and the LSV family, and explain how to construct monodromy operators from these families. Time permitting, the last part of the talk will be devoted to explain how these results combine with known results by Markman and Mongardi, in order to shed some light on the long-standing problem of explicitly describing the monodromy group of such manifolds.