Area of Research

Area of Research

The main area of the institute is algebraic and complex geometry. The following topics are key aspects of research.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hulek

  • Moduli spaces
  • Algebraic surfaces (in particular K3 surfaces)
  • Abelian varieties
  • Irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds (hyperkähler manifolds)
  • Cubic hypersurfaces

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreieder

  • Rationality Probelms
  • Birational Geometry
  • Cycles und Chow groups
  • Hodge Theory
  • Topology of algebraic varieties

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schütt

  • K3 and Enriques surfaces
  • Calabi-Yau varieties
  • Modular forms
  • Elliptic fibrations

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ebeling

  • Mirror symmetry
  • Monodromy
  • Singularities

Dr. Victor González-Alonso

  • Iregular varieties of general type
  • Deformations and Torelli theorems
  • Multiplier Ideals of singularities
  • Subvarieties of the moduli space of abelian varieties

Dr. Andreas Krug

  • Derived categories of coherent sheaves
  • Hilbert schemes of points
  • Calabi-Yau varieties

Dr. Benjamin Schmidt

  • Bridgeland Stability Conditions
  • Derived Categories
  • Moduli Spaces of Sheaves
  • Space Curves