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Research seminar

Research seminar Algebraic Geometry

The research seminar is held in room b302 or g117 (*), usually on Thursday, 16:30 - 17:30. Before at 15:45 there are usually coffee and cookies at the Blaue Grotte (g116).

The seminars of the previous semesters can be found here.

Moreover we are involved with the Research seminar Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometrie (Thu 12-13, g117) and the Research seminar Computer Algebra (Wed 14-15, g123).




October 12 14:15-15:15*

Mateusz Michalek (MPI Leipzig)

From topology to algebraic geometry and back again (Abstract)

October 19Fabian Reede (Hannover)

Torelli type theorems for moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves (Abstract)

October 26Luca Giovenzana (Chemnitz)

Toroidal compactifications of the moduli space of polarised K3 surfaces (Abstract)

November 1 (16:30-17:30, b302)Chris Peters (Eindhoven)

On the moduli space of nodal Enriques surfaces (Abstract)

November 9Bruno Klingler (HU Berlin)

Hodge theory and atypical intersections (Abstract)

November 23Isabel Stenger (Kaiserslautern)

Constructing torsion-free numerical Godeaux surfaces (Abstract)

December 7Hülya Argüz (Imperial College London)

Real Lagrangians in toric degenerations (Abstract)