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Research seminar

Research seminar Algebraic Geometry

The research seminar is held in room b302 or g117 (*), usually on Thursday, 16:30 - 17:30. Before at 15:45 there are usually coffee and cookies at the Blaue Grotte (g116).

The seminars of the previous semesters can be found here.

Moreover we are involved with the Research seminar Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometrie (Thu 12-13, g117) and the Research seminar Computer Algebra (Wed 14-15, g123).




April 11Evgeny Shinder (Sheffield/MPIM Bonn)Variation of stable birational types of hypersurfaces (Abstract)
April 18Oliver Bräunling (Bonn)Volume of line bundles via higher rank valuation vectors (Abstract)
May 2Bernd Schober (Hannover)Loose edges and factorization theorems (Abstract)
May 9Andreas Krug (Marburg)Stability of Tautological Bundles on Symmetric Products of Curves (Abstract)
May 16Luigi Lombardi (Stony Brook)Positivity properties of pushforwards of pluricanonical bundles under morphisms to abelian varieties (Abstract)
May 23 (12.15, a410)Alessandro Ghigi (Pavia)Totally geodesic subvarieties generically contained in the Jacobian locus (Abstract)
May 23Paolo Frediani (Pavia)On the geometry of some special subvarieties contained in the Torelli locus (Abstract)
June 6Noriko Yui (Queens University/MPI Bonn)Siegel modularity of certain Calabi-Yau threefolds over $\mathbb Q$ (Abstract)
June 20Carsten Liese (Hannover)Cusp models of the DNV family (Abstract)
June 27 (12:00-13:00, a410)Benjamin Schmidt (UT Austin) Vector bundles and reflexive sheaves with extremal Chern characters (Abstract)
June 27Eleonore Faber (Leeds)Some matrix factorizations of discriminants of reflection groups (Abstract)