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Research seminar

Research seminar Algebraic Geometry

The research seminar is held in room b302 or g117 (*), usually on Thursday, 16:30 - 17:30. Before at 15:45 there are usually coffee and cookies at the Blaue Grotte (g116).

The seminars of the previous semesters can be found here.

Moreover we are involved with the Research seminar Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometrie (Thu 12-13, g117) and the Research seminar Computer Algebra (Wed 14-15, g123).




October 18Víctor González-Alonso (Hannover)Families of curves with prescribed rank of Higgs field (abstract)
October 25Alberto Cattaneo (Milan)Cones of positive divisors on holomorphic symplectic manifolds and automorphisms (abstract)
November 1Luca Giovenzana (Chemnitz)

The perfect cone compactification of some quotients of type IV domains has canonical singularities (Abstract)

November 12Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann (University of Szczecin)

Resolution of singularities and the defect (Abstract)

November 22Roberto Laface (TU Munich)Picard numbers of abelian varieties in positive characteristic (Abstract)
December 6David Ploog (Hannover)Chains of negative curves and how to tilt them (Abstract)
December 13Claudio Onorati (Riemann-Fellow)

Monodromy operators on IHS manifolds of OG10-type (Abstract)

December 20Fabian Reede (Hannover)

Wrong fibers of universal sheaves (Abstract)

January 9 (12:00-12:45, e001)Damián Gvirtz (Imperial College London)Brauer Groups of K3 Surfaces (Abstract)
January 10 (10:00-10:45, f142)Emma Brakkee (Bonn)

Two polarized K3 surfaces associated to the same cubic fourfold (Abstract)

January 10Tobias Heckel (Hannover)

Singularities of Fano varieties of lines on cubic hypersurfaces and degenerations of their Picard schemes (Abstract)

January 17Helge Ruddat (Hamburg)

Smoothing toroidal crossing varieties (Abstract)

January 24Victor Lozovanu (Hannover)

Positivity aspects on abelian varieties (Abstract)


February 21* (14:15-15:15)

Sławomir Rams (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

On lines on surfaces of general type (Abstract)