Wintersemester 2013/2014




10. Oktober (10:00-12:00)

Roberto Laface

On Zariski Decomposition With and Without Support

17. Oktober

Alexey Basalev

3-dimensional Frobenius manifolds via elliptic curves

24. Oktober

Slawek Rams

On quartic surfaces with many lines.

31. Oktover 

Olivia Dumitrescu 

Interpolation problems in P^n

14. November (16:00-17:00)

Elisabeth Werner

Algebraic geometric Codes and Lattices

21. November

Nathan Broomhead

Discrete derived categories

28. November

Christian Böhning (Hamburg)


Rationality problems: a bird's eye view

5. Dezember

Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz

Euler characteristic, counting polynomial and Chern-Schwarz-MacPherson class of an algebraic set

12. Dezember

Daniel Greb (Bochum)

Construction and variation of moduli spaces of sheaves on higher-dimensional base manifolds

18. Dezember (10:00-12:00, g005)

Atsushi Takahashi

Weyl Groups and Artin Groups Associated to Orbifold Projective Lines

19. Dezember

Frederik Tietz

On homological stability of certain moduli spaces

9. Januar

Matthias Zach

On the topology of simple isolated Cohen-Macaulay codimension 2 singularities in IC^5

16. Januar

Gunther Cornelissen (Utrecht)

Gonality of curves and graphs

20. Januar (11:00-12:00, f442)

Benjamin Bakker

The geometric Frey-Mazur conjecture

23. Januar

Malek Joumaah

Moduli spaces of K3^[2]-type fourfolds with non-symplectic involutions

30. Januar


Benjamin Wieneck

Discriminant loci of Lagrangian fibrations

4. Februar (14:15-15:45)



Thomas Dedieu



Limits of pluri--tangent planes to K3 surfaces

25. Februar (10-12)

Toshiyuki Katsura (Hosei, Tokyo)

Some invariants of algebraic varieties in positive characteristic

27. Februar (14:15-15:45*)

Mathieu Dutour

Lattices and perfect forms (slides)