Sommersemester 2016




7. April Firuza Mamedova (Moscow State / LUH)

Algebraic formulae for equivariant indices of vector fields on singular varieties (Abstract)

14. AprilSamuel Grushevsky (Stony Brook)Intersection cohomology of the moduli of abelian varieties and compactifications (Abstract)
21. AprilFabian Reede

Line bundles on noncommutative algebraic varieties (Abstract)

27. April (14:15-15:15, g117)Janko Böhm (Kaiserslautern)

Modular Techniques in Computational Algebraic Geometry (Abstract)

28. AprilAndreas HocheneggerSpherelike divisors (Abstract)
2. Mai (10:30-11:30, g117)Andrea CattaneoBeauville-type involutions on the Hilbert scheme of two points on a K3 surface (Abstract)
2. Mai (14:15-15-15, f428)Toshiyuki Katsura (Hosei)

Zariski K3 surfaces (Abstract)

12. MaiLuca Tasin

On a classical problem about Chern numbers (Abstract)

19. Mai (16-17, g117)

Matthias ZachThe Topology of Matrix Singularities (Abstract)
26. MaiEnrico Fatighenti (Warwick)Hodge Theory, deformations of affine cones and beyond (Abstract)
2. Juni (g117)

Zhiyuan Li (Bonn) 

Cycle classes on moduli space of K3 surfaces (Abstract)
9. Juni (g117)Sebastian Casalaina-Martin (Boulder, Colorado)

Descending cohomolgy geometrically (Abstract)

16. JuniElisabeth Werner (Hannover)

Orbifold Jacobian Algebras and Orbifold Euler Characteristics (Abstract)

30. JuniNathan Priddis (Hannover) 

A Landau--Ginzburg model of Borcea--Voisin mirror symmetry (Abstract)

7. Juli (g117)

Yuecheng Zhu (Pennsylvania)

modular compactification of moduli of polarized abelian varieties (Abstract)

12. Juli (10:15-11:15, f442)Alessandra Sarti (Poitiers)

Explicit Schoen surfaces (Abstract)


12. September (14:15-15:15, f309)Federico Lo Bianco (Rennes)

On the primitivity of birational transformations of irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds (Abstract)